photographing artwork

Specializing in photographing artwork, gallery installations, product and more.

I am excited to combine my passion for art with my photography skills to provide a friendly, professional, and affordable service to anyone who needs high quality images of their work.

After working with artists for several years I understand the necessity of preserving the integrity of color and texture in your work. Using a variety of lighting techniques and a fully color managed workflow I can ensure your work is faithfully reproduced on screen or in print. I can photograph installations, on location or in your studio. If you want to see the images during the shoot we can do this by shooting tethered, this ensures you can check in real time that you are happy with the images.

photographing artworkI know how important this is when your work is for a public installation, sculpture or submission to a gallery. As a photographic artist as well as a photographer of art, I understand the expectations of galleries, collectors, and clients.

Examples of photographed installations for artists and their work can be seen here featured photographs of artists’ work.

Artwork © Jenny Smith