Twisted old tree

This month I want to share two interpretations of the same image, a twisted old tree on a stone wall. Each having a totally different feel. I love the symbiotic relationship between the old stone wall and the long dead tree that is still hanging on. What do you see? How do they make you feel?

twisted old tree

twisted old tree

A few days ago while looking thru the Wisdom book by Andrew Zuckerman I came across this quote by Chuck Close.

It’s much easier to be an artist where people think the making of art is a good thing and where other practitioners are around. I make work for other people to look at. I don’t do it for therapy; I go to therapy for therapy. I love what I do, and no one enjoys what he or she does every day more than I do. I love to paint. But if I were on a desert island, I would not be one of those artists who poked a hole in his arm with a stick and drew in blood on the back of a leaf, if there’s nobody there to look at it, I don’t think I’m going to make it….

More to come, thanks..